Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving - A Holiday I Never Host

We had a small but very relaxing Thanksgiving at our house this year.  Just Ian, Kim and the kids unfortunately.  Casey and Rob should have been here, but Kiera had a stomach bug they didn't want to share with us.  Our hearts were a little heavy - missing our  Michigan family - and wishing we were with them.  But holiday traveling with young kids is the opposite of relaxing! And boy did I have fun cooking and prepping.

 Kim and I are both over-feeders - we had enough food even without the delicious-ness Casey was going to supply.

 To honor a holiday tradition at Oma's house, the kids enjoyed sparkling cider in real wine glasses. 
 Mike and I truly enjoyed our first Thanksgiving in the "new" or not so new house (that we purchased two and a half years ago!). But we're already making plans for Thanksgiving in Michigan next year!

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