Sunday, November 15, 2015

Daddy's Big Catch

Mike's been up in the mountains for the last four days rifle hunting.  The kids were so glad to have him come back home.  And so was momma!  Bedtime without Mike is darn near impossible.  Lillian said, "Momma, it's not our fault.  Us kids need two parents to help us go to bed.  And it's really hard on us to have just one parent".  I couldn't agree more honey.

 While Mike didn't see a single elk during those four days, he saw hundreds of deer.  But of course, he didn't have a tag to shoot a deer this trip.  So when he stumbled upon a deer that had been hit by a car, he called it in to the sheriff.  The sheriff helped him end the deers suffering and let Mike bring him home. 
 I'm so glad he didn't come home empty - handed.  Even though he didn't hunt this deer, Mike is a hero in Jak's eyes.  That little boy had his heart set on his daddy bringing home an elk.  This small deer is as good as the largest elk on Colorado record to Jak!

And Jak was a big help grinding it up.  Even splattered the kitchen window a couple of times. Yuck!

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