Sunday, November 1, 2015

Grammy & Opa's Fall Visit

Grammy & Opa visit Colorado so often - I think I'll start chronicling their visits based on the season it falls in!  Here's Grammy reading the Bernstein Bears for Lillian and Jak, she's probably read that book a few hundred times!
 Casey & Rob had a big announcement to make....Baby number 2 for them and Grandchild number 7 for Grammy & Opa coming next July!
 Meanwhile, the cousins ran circles around the excited adults!
 Grammy Kerschen sent Jak and Lillian Halloween Cards with a couple dollars inside.  Dollar Tree here we come!
 The next day, Nana Nancy sent handmade Halloween cards with another couple of dollars.  Spoiled kiddos!
 And Opa dusted off his pumpkin carving skills and went to town making Jack-O-Lanterns. 
 He had them draw sketches of eyes, noses and mouths first and tried to choose a design from each kid.

 The finished products....

 The Abote's hosted their annual Halloween party - it was extra fun this year because Halloween fell on a Saturday. The weather was beautiful.  Mom and I sat on the new front porch listening to music and passing out candy.  Opa and Daddy took the kids around the hood to collect treats and no one had to wear a coat this year!  The sugar high resulted in a hallway dance party!
 Lillian's expressions in these photos are classic! She had a great time watching her Daddy push kids on the rope swing in the Abote's garage. 

 The Village at Lowry crew became the Wizard of Oz this year.  And I really enjoyed wearing my wedding dress again!
 On the way home from church, we had a little emergency.  You have no idea how exciting a flat tire is to a 3 and 4 year old!
 This just gave Mike more incentive to get rid of my car!  He's so ready to have me in something more reliable....but I hate the idea of the kids trashing a new mini-van.  I'm hoping to let them get a little older and less messy first!  Is there such a thing as less messy kids???

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