Sunday, November 15, 2015

Such an Awesome Experience at the Zoo

 The new giraffe exhibit is amazing!
The giraffe feeding is only available 2 hours a day - but for $5 your kids can let the giraffe wrap it's long, black tongue around their hands and slurp up some romaine lettuce!

 Some kids were a little shy about the whole process, but not my kids!  They acted like they have been feeding giraffes their whole lives.
 Lillian and Joseph tried to help Nora (Kelli Raia Dickson's little girl), but Nora wasn't having it. So that meant more lettuce for my kids!

 Kelli snapped this picture of me enjoying a ride through the zoo while the kids pulled the wagon for once.  Being a passenger made me feel a little helpless - those kids whipped me around!

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