Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lily Go Potty, Mama

This phrase is being heard on repeat around here and it's music to our ears.  Last Monday when I picked up the kids from school (it's daycare but we sophisticate it up by calling it school), Lillian's teacher Miss Red said she thinks Lillian's ready to get potty trained.  It took a little while for me to get to the store, but Thursday morning when Lillian woke up, she found a stack of 16 pairs of panties waiting for her on the coffee table.  You'd have thought it was Christmas morning or something!  Her eyes opened wide, she started tugging at her pajama zipper and saying, "Lily go potty, Lily go potty".  We pulled off her pj's and sure enough, she went.  Afterwards she stood up and said, "Lily go potty, Mama" with a slightly different inflection.  We couldn't get a diaper back on her after that.  She went to school in real underpants - we were of course nervous, but the drive is only a couple blocks from here and she made it just fine.
Saturday morning, I took the kids to the zoo.  Somewhere in the far corner of the zoo, deep in Monkey, Gorilla and Ape heaven, I heard, "Lily Go Potty, Mama".  I said, "Ok, sweetie, let's go".  It took me a full 10 minutes or more to find a bathroom....but she made it!  My eyes welled up with tears and I got goosebumps telling her how proud I was of her.  Isn't it amazing the things that can make a mom proud?  We, of course, do the typical let's call Daddy, Grammie, Aunt Casey, etc. and tell them.  When she gets the phone in her hand, can you guess what she says?  Ah, yeah, I'll spare you from reading it again.  If you don't know, just check out this blogs title.
That little girl isn't even two yet and she's gone & potty trained herself.  A little peer pressure isn't always a bad thing.  She simply wanted to be just like Levi and AJ in her class.  She's been accident free a couple of days now at school and she even woke up with a dry diaper overnight this morning.  Way to go Lil!  This picture is a thing of the past....but a great memorable moment!
By the way, I should mention, Amanda gave this purse to Lillian as a thank you for being in my wedding gift.  Lillian takes her purse, with the keys and cellphone that came with it and says, "Bye, Bye, going shopping now, Bye Bye" over and over again.  She gets to the front door, puts her hand on the knob, then says, "Kiss!" and comes back to get the kiss goodbye she almost forgot.  Then goes back to the door and says, "Hug!" and comes back for a hug.  Mike & I love it - we get hugs and kisses over and over again!  Thanks Amanda!

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