Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jak at 8 Months

Jak continues to grow like crazy!   Mike and I get such a kick out of the "He's such a big baby" comments we receive.  We just chuckle when we think of the tiny 4 lb package he came into this world as!  Jak is sitting up on his own, rolling over and loves to stand.  He isn't pulling up on his own yet, nor can we leave him standing on his own but he sure is proud of himself with this new take on the world!  Jak loves to flip over on his belly and rotate clockwise around and around.  He flips around so quick we really have to keep a hand on him at all times!  He'd lunge right off furniture if you turn your back. 
Lillian is Jak's favorite person in the world.  He smiles for nearly everyone but no one comes close to making him as happy as Lillian.
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