Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lillian's 1st Spring Break

Severin and Colleen shared their time share in the Cayman Islands with us and gave their niece Lillian her first glimpse of the ocean.  The Caymans white sand beaches and bright blue water will spoil other beaches for her...nothing else will compare to their beauty!

We were joined by my Mom and Dad, Colleens parents and her three siblings.  Eleven adults doted on Lillian for a week, we left on vacation with our baby and came home with a pre-toddler!  
Watch Grandma....I've never climbed up stairs before, this is great! 

Show me where this piece goes, Uncle Severin.

Can you teach me to play that thing Steve?

All these grown ups and no kids...humph

Swimming takes a lot out of me!

I like the blue iguana but I miss my pets at home, the dogs and chickens are more fun!

I could walk all day with your help Grandma!
Geez Opa!  It's a good thing Great Grandpa's not here....you know he only likes Bud Light Bottles!

Loving the island music!

Cool like Daddy

Beach Beauties

Tuckered out!

Family photo at the Botanic Gardens...all 4 of us!


What do you mean the vacations over!

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  1. Looks like a great vacation. You all look great. Hope you are feeling well. I miss the Hanou/Kerchen clan.