Sunday, May 6, 2012

Feliz Cumpleanos Lillian!

We jumped the gun and celebrated Lillian's first birthday this weekend....Mexican Style!  We had a Cinco de Mayo party for her.....and 35 of our closest friends!  There were 5 pregnant women and 16 kids under the age of 5 here....our lives are only going to get more fun over the next few years. 
Getting Ready for the party - Lillian slept 12 hours the night before and took 2 two hour naps!  She was READY!

Daddy hung her birthday present just in time - all the babies took turns breaking in the new swing!
Zane & Sarah came over for dinner earlier in the week....the kids had more fun playing with kitchen utensils than the tons and tons of real toys we have! 

Lillian and Netta are both turning 1 in's been so fun comparing their milestones over the past year. 

Lillian, Holden and Hunter......she loves learning from the big girls!

Lillian's still a little too young for her rocking giraffe but McKenna loved riding it!

Poor Holden tried so hard to get a picture of her and the birthday girl in their coordinating dresses, Lillian was more interested in "walking" than posing for a picture!

Lillian and Kellen are also close in age, this little table is a favorite for both of them!

Finally, cake time!

I'm not sure which she liked better:  the cake or having a backyard full of people singing to her.  Both produced big smiles and clapping!

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