Thursday, May 17, 2012

Layla spends her birthday in Colorado!

We were able to celebrate Lillian's actual 1st birthday with her cousins, Johnny & Layla, Aunt Cathy and Grandma Kerschen here in Colorado!  They flew in on May 9th and stayed through Mother's Day & Layla's birthday on May 13th.  What a treat to spend such momentous occasions with family we don't get to see often enough!  Grandma and Opa Hanou overlapped their visit by one day, which meant we had the quite the 3rd birthday party for Layla and a memorable 1st Mother's Day for Courtney.  We enjoyed dips in the Hotel pool, trips to the Children's Museum, Bass Outdoor World and the Aquarium and lots and lots of backyard time at our house.  This vacation was all about the kids!
We laid out a blanket for the "babies" and all the kids flocked to it!

I wish I had more kid friendly chores, they were BEGGING for more corn to shuck when they finished!

Lillian continues to love playing ball, luckily that's right up Johnny's alley too!

Grandma Kerschen gave Lillian a cool new Ybike....she can use it as a walker or ride it (as soon as her feet can touch the ground!)

Kids eat so well when they get to eat outside together!

Telling ghost stories by Uncle Mike's campfire.

Teaching Lillian good habits!

Johnny & Layla to our rescue at the Children's Museum!

Holden playing teacher with the younger kids, she had them all raising their hands to speak in turn!

Feeding the stingrays at the Aquarium.

Lillian showing no fear!  Let me at 'em Dad!
Checking out the Trout pond at Bass Outdoor World, pay no attention to the bear above them!

Grandma reads the best stories

What's a 3rd birthday without a bump to the noggin?  The chair lift swing tried to do her in!

Layla knows all her letters! 

What's a family get together without a little rough housing with Uncle Mike?

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