Sunday, November 27, 2016


We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year.  The weather is still unusually warm. 

Lillian pictured here with Tammy Tuk Tuk, this years 22 pound bird!  She helped me pull the gizzards out, oil up the girl, and stuff her with stuffing.  What a brave girl!

 This shot helps explain why Grammy & Opa jumped at the chance to buy a sight-unseen house in Golden!
 The adults got to do some "adulating" and play some pre-dinner board games. 
 The kids had a pretty good time as well.

 The whole day was fun and games, until we let them get in the hot tub without checking the chemicals!  Lillian and Holden's poor skin couldn't handle the mixed up pH balance.  They had the worst rash a few days later.  Thank god, the other kids were virtually unaffected. 

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