Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Grammy Kerschen comes to visit!

Always nice to have Grammy Kerschen all to ourselves! When we travel to Michigan it's always so busy.  We look forward to our one on one time with her.

We were able to take her to Joseph's school for their Halloween party.

 We took her to Golden to show off Mom and Dads new house, and the surrounding sights in downtown Golden.

She got to attend Caroline's 3rd birthday party at the Bergner's house (but she declined having her face painted!)

And she got to attend a party at Lillian's School for all Saints Day.

She wanted to attend the Halloween party at St. Anne's on Monday, but Mike and I both had to work that day.  So I sent an Uber to our house to pick her up!  It worked out perfectly, she was able to attend Lillian's party and meet all of her friends.  Then, I picked both ladies up on my way home from work.

 It was a great visit.  We packed a lot in and had a great Halloween together!

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