Saturday, November 26, 2016

Exploring Golden

Grammy & Opa's new townhouse is coming along quite nice!  All of us have been pitching in to help get the house prepped for their big move in January.  This picture of Mike and Lillian below isn't special, but 30 seconds before it was taken he leaned over the railing to give her a smooch.  I didn't get the camera out quite in time but I still want to post this picture to remind me of that sweet moment! 
 Joe & Jeanne Raia were in town for the Thanksgiving Holiday, because Kelli lives in Roxborough Park.  Our visit felt as normal as if we were all still living in Maryland together.  Always good to see "old" friends.

 I love how this picture sequence evolved.  First Lillian...
 Then Lillian with Nora....
Then Joseph joined!  Sweet kids, hiking through Golden on a beautiful day.  There's more of these days to come I'm sure!

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