Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cheering For Our Cousins

Uncle Ian invited us to watch Holden & Everett's swim meet this weekend and it was SO fun!
Lillian loved watching Holden and Everett swim.  Jak did as well, but watching her big cousins race really helped Lillian figure out just what "swimming" is all about.  She and Jak have been taking private swim lessons this summer .  The rate at which they are both learning to swim has really amazed Mike and I - the lessons have been well worth the money!
 Here are a few pictures of Emma (one of the life guards) coaching the kids:

 Mike bought the kids flippers - they're a little too big for Jak this year, but they've really helped Lillian learn how to control her kicks.  These kids are ready for our summer Michigan trip - bring on the pools, boating trips and lakes!

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