Thursday, June 30, 2016

An Evening Close to Home

Sometimes the thing you set out to do doesn't work out and you end up having a really good time.  That is precisely what happened to us last night.  We left to go hear a concert in McIlvory Park in Olde Town Arvada.  When we arrived, there was hardly anyone at the park.  Finally, after 10 minutes of letting the kids play on the playground, I asked someone "what happened to the concert"?  They were afraid it was going to rain, so they moved the concert indoors.  We drove up to the Arvada Center to see if we could find the music.  We never did find where they moved the concert too, but we sure had fun exploring! 

 Jak fell outside of the Arvada Center, a nice man listening to a lecture inside offered the kids a donut to help "ease" Jaks pain and it worked!
 There was a cute little museum inside explaining the history of Arvada.  The kids loved the felt story board.  We listened in on a few ballet practices and finally discovered this cool dragon outside. During the day, the dragon has misters that keep the kids cool.  We were there after-hours but they loved it none the less.  Overall - good time!

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