Sunday, April 10, 2016

Only in Colorado

 Only in Colorado can you visit the zoo by morning, in short sleeves and sunglasses,
 And take a trip to Silverthorne in the afternoon.

 To wake up to ski the next day!

 And come home to sunbathe and jump in the sprinklers that afternoon!
 What a life these kids have!
We brought our new camper up to Silverthorne and "Camped" in Ginny & Charlie's driveway.  We were warm, snug & perfectly comfortable sleeping in their front yard.  The next morning Matt, Emily, Mike and I took the kids to A-Basin to ski for their 3rd attempt (two this season and one last year).  And to our surprise - both Jak & Lillian skied the Molly Hogan bunny hill by themselves!  Lillian was actually making turns and stopping at the bottom of the hill by the end of the day.  Jak preferred to just crash into our arms, of course.  We are so excited to get them out again next year!
Then we headed back to Denver - to lay out in the sunshine and run through the sprinklers.  What fun!

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