Sunday, December 6, 2015

Santa at Mia & Zoe's House - Again!

 Mia & Zoe won a visit from Santa through the city of Westminster again.  Lillian, Hannah & Mia changed out of their pretty Christmas dresses to wear pretty Princess dresses almost immediately. 
 But Jak kept his preppy sweater vest on!

 The stampede to the front door when the firetruck pulled up could have knocked me over!
 The men found another way to stay entertained!
 I have this same picture from last Christmas - well maybe not the same picture, a few things have changed!
 But Santa's lure isn't one of them.
 Jak surprised us all and told Santa he wants a dog and a duck puppet that is half dog and half duck.  And a race, race, race car and some more games.  Lillian surprised us all and forgot what she wants entirely!  She must have gotten stage fright.  She just said she wants puppets like her brother, but we know better, don't we?  And so does Santa... 

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