Sunday, December 20, 2015

An Early and Rather Large Christmas Present

Mike and I have been talking about getting a mini-van for - well about 6 years now.  When we were pregnant with the twins the idea first came up.  Then we had Lillian and schlepping around one tiny peanut in my Maxima wasn't too much trouble.  Then Jak came a long and we just kept "making due".  But finally, after we sold Mike's rental property in Aurora and freed up some funds, Mike and I have been seriously shopping minivans.  So when the paperwork came in the mail a week ago (we bought the van from a dealer in Florida) I was surprised, but not shocked.  Mike said, "Merry Early Christmas"!  He wanted to keep it a surprise from the kids. 
So when I was at girl's night out last night, the 18 wheeler delivered the van to the house.  Mike and the kids parked it up the street to "keep it a surprise from Mommy".  The next morning, the kids and I met Aunt Casey and Keira for a playdate. On the way home, I casually said, "Guys Daddy said to hurry home, he has a surprise waiting for us".  To which Jak promptly replied, "It's your van!".  Lillian said, "No, Jak it's not.  I bet it's um, um, um, our new deck!".  Jak said, "It's her VAN!" in a very excited but angry tone.  To help lighten the mood, I played dumb and said, "A fan?  Why would Daddy buy me a FAN?".  But that only made Jak raise his voice more, "It's a VAN!!!".
At this point Lillian was exasperated by her brother giving up their secret.  She said, "I'm sure it's our new deck".  So I placated her and said, "I bet your right, I bet Daddy built our new outdoor covered patio deck while we were gone for the last 2 hours". 
When we pulled in the driveway, Mike came pulling in behind me honking the horn on our new 2015 Kia Sedona.  Gonna make some good family memories happen in that bad boy that's for sure!  And in the meantime, Mike and I are going to worry a little at what a good liar our daughter is already!

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