Monday, June 15, 2015

Three Birthday Parties in One Afternoon!

 We did it!  Made it to all three birthday parties we were invited to last weekend.  Genevieve's party was at Jump City at 2, Addie's party was at her house just north of Jump City from 3-8 and Finley's party was in Northwest Denver at 4.  We even managed to give the correct gifts to the correct birthday recipient and snap a few pictures in the mix!

 A little silliness for Jak and Addie, of course.  Jak couldn't have been more excited than he was to go to Addie's party,  They've been in the same room since they started at the Wooden Shoe two years ago.

 And I'm sure you're wondering, the answer is YES, we let the kids have cake at all three parties.  After all, you're only a kid once right?

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