Saturday, February 28, 2015

Is Spring really, "Just around the corner"?

A little before school fun in the snow.
 Fun shopping at Old Navy with Aunt Casey and Keira.

 SAM's club is a whole lot of fun too!

 And the indoor playground at APEX brings a lot of winter boredom relief as well!
 Our first family board game.  It became the "bored" game after the second go-round for Mike and I.
 Lillian focuses hard on her beginner boggle game. She sure is a word wiz...

 This ol' backyard sledding hill that Mike builds off the deck is so much fun.  
It won't be long til they're too big and adventurous for it though.

 And Grammy Hanou is still so smart.  The hope chest filled with costumes is a hit time and time again.

Yes, Jak is sporting an astronaut costume, Frankenstien mask with a princess wand and shoes. Truly, a modern day monster. 
Sending Fiona a High - Five!

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