Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Outlaws Come to Town

It was our pleause to host Kevin, Cathy and Matt Mullowney - Colorado Kerschen Style!  Their last visit to Colorado was 2 years ago, right after Jak was born.  We were so lucky to be the 1st stop on their month long road trip to Colorado, Chicago, Michigan and back through Colorado.   Both kids loved having the extra visitors - especially Lillian.  She just loves hamming it up for company and anyone who tickles her is A-OKAY in her book.  And Kevin has really good tickling skills.  For some reason, she never called Kevin by his name, she referred to him as her "best friend" all weekend.  "I'm saving that seat for my best friend", or "Why can't I ride in the car with my best friend?". 
 We loved showing off Red Rocks Amphitheater to the biggest music lovers we know.  Kevin and Cathy are following the concert schedule and planning another trip out based on that!
 Lillian was taking in the sights with her best friend in this photo. 
 Lillian and Jak enjoying the view - and doing Jak's favorite activity...climbing!
 We emptied all of our change into this dinosaur bank.  Not sure what we donated to but all 5 adults contributed all the coins we could dig out of our pockets!
 Lillian and Jak practiced walking like dinosaurs at the Red Rocks Museum.
 It was a great day, followed by a delicious lunch in Golden.

The Mullowney's sure are fun to be with!  We can't wait to see them again...

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