Sunday, July 20, 2014

Prepare to be Wowed...

Our son has 20 - maybe 20 - recognizable words.  And those 20 words are only recognizable to his parents probably!  But this week - Jak blew my mind 3 times. 
1.  He jumped off the platform at the fire truck playground and grabbed for the monkey bars.  Thankfully he performed this stunt right in front of me so I was able to help him down.  He continued to climb ladders and take risks throughout the 30 minutes we were at the playground - I was really kicking myself for bringing them there alone!  I really could have used another adult to keep an eye on my two "monkeys". 
2.  Jak put this wooden puzzle together by himself in no time.  Then he grunted repeatedly to get my attention, pointed to it, dumped it out and did it again right in front of me.  My jaw dropped - I didn't know he had such cognition and fine motor skills!
3.  And finally, when Jak woke up from his nap today, I was putting laundry away in his room.  He saw the pile of big boy underpants in his cabinet and insisted I put them on him.  I brought him downstairs, put him on the potty and 5 minutes later he peed.  We made a BIG ol' deal about it, flushed it in the potty and whooped and hollered.  An hour and a half later, I put him on the potty again.  He sat for about 15 minutes this time - determined to make something happen.  Again - we whooped and hollered and made a big deal about it when he went.  Only this time, Lillian got wise to the situation and insisted they both get M&M's to celebrate his success. 
Language may be the last skill to present itself in this boys young life - but there's no denying Jak's one smart cookie!

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