Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Perfect Fourth

Every once in a while, a day goes so perfect you just can't help but thank God a little more for having such a wonderful family.  We feel blessed everyday - even the "no-matter-what-I-do-they-won't-stop-whining" days.  But this Fourth of July will stand out as a perfect family day in my mind forever.  I took the kids to the pool at 9 AM and packed to stay as long as humanly possible. Mike stayed behind to get a few home projects taken care of.  Daddy joined us around 11, we swam, picnicked and swam some more!  Before noon, the neighborhood festivities began to pick up.  The DJ started playing, the neighborhood baked goods were laid out and the bike parade started assembling.  They had free sunglass giveaways, popsicles, an antique car, a fire truck and an ambulance on display.  It was hot - 4th of July hot!  The pool was so refreshing. 
Around 1 - the clouds rolled in.  The sky opened up and it poured.  We gathered our things, piled in the wagon and ran home (as fast as you can run with all we had in tow).  The kids slept for over 3 hours that afternoon.  We let them sleep late in hopes they'd be able to stay awake for the fireworks.  It rained the whole time they naturally we slept too!  When they awoke, we walked across the street to our neighbors for a BBQ.  The Abotes rented a bouncy house, grilled up some good food and had 1/2 the neighborhood over for dinner. 
When the party dispersed, the Kerschens and the Abotes took a wagon ride back to the pool to lock up for the night (the guards went home early).  We watched fireworks in the distance across "The Pond" and enjoyed a bonfire one of our other neighbors had set up.  Like I said, it was a perfect fourth.

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