Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jaks First Mug Shot

We're prepping for a family vacation to Mexico in a couple months.....1st order of business....PASSPORTS!  Who knew they would be so much trouble to get?  First you need an official passport picture (with specific measurements), then both parents and the child have to be present at the post office, only certain post offices administer passports and only during certain hours (and those hours are right during nap time) and your form needs to be written in black ink.  So, how many of these things did the Colorado Kerschens do wrong?  LOTS!
We took Jaks picture at Walgreens after daycare, his hair, face and shirt are a mess. Mike calls it his first mugshot (does that imply more mugshots in the future???).
Of course....when we got to the post office and waited in line for a 1/2 hour, we find out that the dimensions aren't the appropriate size and they wouldn't accept this picture.  Lucky for Jak....His replacement picture is much better!

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