Sunday, January 26, 2014

Giddy Up!

The National Western Stockshow comes to town every January, it's a big deal in Denver.  Mike and I debated whether or not the kids would enjoy it - I know it will be a favorite event when they get older - but we were afraid they were too young to appreciate it this year.  Boy were we wrong!  It's great for all ages. The petting zoo was hands down the highlight of the experience.  Next year, we will know to bring lots more cash - everything costs a dollar or two (or more!). The petting zoo was free, but you could buy feed for the baby animals for a couple bucks.  There was all sorts of carnival games, an indoor playground, a miniature train ride, a huge steer (with horns weighing 60 pounds a piece) and my favorite, a carousel with real live ponies!

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