Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rub and Scratch and Pat

Like most 2 year olds, Lillian has mastered the art of drawing out bedtime.  Every night, she requests we "rub and scratch and pat for 2 minutes".  Mike and I consider it a great night if I can get out of there in under 30 minutes.  That, of course, doesn't include the time it takes Mike to get out of there after she calls him up - to "rub and scratch and pat".  We know we should tighten up our bedtime routine, but as working parents we really value this end of day time with our daughter.  She always shares something about her day with you in those final few minutes.  Somehow, in the 5 minutes after I leave her bedroom she completely changes topic and has something else she just HAS to say to her daddy.  Mike swears she talks more than a teenage girl...I say, oh just wait! 

She tells us all about her day at school, she tells us about her friends and her teachers (there really isn't a line between the two - Lillian thinks of her teachers as her friends...she's always asking us if they can come over to her house to play!).  Her best friend Marek, has moved up to the next class so lately we hear about Mia and Sofia the most.  Lillian is still swimming twice a week and getting more and more comfortable putting her face under the water....that's always been such a scary thing for her.  We still wash Lillian's hair "salon style" in the kitchen sink so she doesn't have to fear water getting in her eyes.  Hopefully our trip to Mexico in February will help her learn to love water!

After dinner we do a variety of pretend play scenarios with Lillian.  Quite often she's the teacher and we're the students.  We listen as she "reads" us a story, puts us to bed or puts us in timeout.  Then she reenacts her morning drop-off routine she and her Daddy do at daycare.  She'll say "Goodbye Daddy, I have to go to work now, go to the window so I can make silly faces at you."  She'll take a few steps then turn and stick her tongue out and wiggle her fingers like antlers by the side of her head.  All the while shimmying her hips back and forth.  I can close my eyes and picture what Mike must look like doing this in her classroom window every morning!

Here's a few recent pictures of us at Aunt Casey's new house with our friend Margee.  Margee graduated high school with Ian, moved out to Colorado for a year and has been back in Maryland for the last few years.  We sure do miss her but we're so lucky her boyfriend's family is from Colorado - we get to see her every so often now!

Lillian has really "shot up" these last few weeks.

As you can see, Jak had little desire to have his picture taken.  He was much more excited to run and play on this warm January day!

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