Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween at the Pond

Zach & Lacey hosted the neighborhood Family Co-Op for a pizza party before we let em' run loose around the neighborhood. 
It was a great idea, except Lillian was too entertained by the arts and crafts and excitement to eat any pizza!

Jak, on the other hand, ate every bite I handed down to him as he explored the house like a true tiger!

Daddy and Jak came out to see Lillian and I off.  But the men stayed home to hand out candy while Lil and I ran door to door with Megan, Vince, Eva and Angelo from next door.  Those Cabral kids sure took good care of Lillian.  They taught her how to trick or treat, helped her run from house to house and let her ring the doorbell at most places.  By the 8th house, Lil started coughing and said, "I'm all done Mommy."  It was a cold and windy night!  When we got back home, Lillian ran to the front door every time it rang.  She went outside on our front porch, with every group of kids and said, "trick or treat Mommy"....Most of her candy came from us!

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