Sunday, November 10, 2013

Catching Up With Friends

We finally decided we can't wait to have our friends over any longer!  Our new house may not be in the shape we want it, but our friends don't mind seeing it as a "work in progress".  And I miss hosting people!  We had Zane & Sarah over twice before they moved to Florida.  Last weekend we had Stu & Allison, Bryan & Amy, Casey & Rob and their munchkins over.  It was great to meet the Bergner's new baby girl, Caroline!  And great to catch up with everyone, but I was so busy socializing that I forgot to take any pictures!  Guess we'll have to do it again soon!  Finally, yesterday, we had Darren, Erica and "East Side Lily" over for dinner.  The Wrights brought such yummy snacks and appetizers we almost didn't have room for supper!
The Lilys scarfing down fruit and cheese!

Smiling, happy faces as we stuff our selves with dessert and listen to Lakewood High Schools Katie Perry Video on You Tube....good time!
This morning we had a play date at a park in the old neighborhood with Jen & Lola and Katie & Kellan.  The kids hadn't seen each other in so long, it took a couple minutes for them to get comfortable again....but only a couple minutes!
Lola, Lillian and Kellan cooking up something good!

Jak exploring his world now that he's vertical most of the time!

All four kiddos in one shot!

Lola and Lillian sharing their snacks

Just like old times...

A relaxing fall day at the park.

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