Sunday, October 13, 2013

Indoor Fun!

The kids don't mind that we don't have any furniture in the house, it makes indoor bike riding a whole lot more fun.  Lillian made Daddy dig out her helmet from the basement - cause you can never be too safe! 
Jak's not walking yet but he is talking up a storm!  He's starting to say things on purpose and repetitively, like Uh-oh, Go, Momma, Babababa (for a bottle) and I did it.  But mostly he just says "ticka ticka ticka".  We're not sure what it means but he says it all the time when he's playing.  Jak loves to give hi five, still smiles generously at everyone he meets and shakes hands when you ask him too.  He is making connections everyday and it is so fun to watch. 

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