Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Fun

Momma & Her Tiger Cub

Who knew Spider Man And Purple Octopus' liked playing football so much?

One of the only pictures of Lillian wearing her Octopus hat...It'll keep her warm Halloween night though!

Grammie & Keira as a giraffe...Grammies favorite animal!

Thank goodness the balloon lady could make yellow monkeys! It was worth the 30 minute wait in line!

I think Jak is saying, "Keira, why are you wearing that silly costume?"

Opa and Keira watching the "big kids" play at McDonalds - a little post festival nourishment!
Grammie couldn't control herself at the Goodwill....Lillian and Jak have costumes for dress up all winter long.

I'd say Lillian's a fan of the idea!

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