Monday, December 10, 2012

Jak at 4 Months

Jak smiles at EVERYONE.  It never fails, as soon as a stranger, a friend or a relative gets a glimpse at Jak he smiles right at them.  He has this look in his eyes as if he's really, truly smiling right at you.  Every single person feels as if he likes them, no one else, just them.  Maybe he'll run for office someday...
Jak's latest favorite thing to do is watch TV.  Lillian still really doesn't care for television, but Jak will stare at the screen without blinking.  It mesmerizes him.  He likes to sit in the bumbo, lay under his activity gym and lay on his belly but his favorite position is to be propped up in the corner of the couch where he can check out the view all around him.  He talks and smiles the whole time.
We just took both kids to the doctor.  Jak's 4 month check up showed he weighs 13 pounds 1 ounce....3 times his birthweight!  He's growing like a champ.  Lillian's 18 month check up showed she weighs 25 pounds 1 ounce.  Only 12 pounds between them?  She still seems so much bigger but he's catching up. 
Lillian is talking up a storm.  The doctor asked me if she had at least 5-10 words yet.  I said I'm pretty sure she has about 50.  When I got home Mike and I started rattling off her favorites and she probably has over 50!  Off the top of my head - Momma, Dadda, Lily, Jak, brother, milk, bath, Hope, Droste, Kitty, Light, outside, shoes, story, monkey, cheese, up, down, playdough, chickens, swing, water, wash, blue, yellow, blankie, baby - are her favorites.  But the names we hear over and over are Lallow and Sue Sue.  Lallow is her friend Lola who lives next door and Sue Sue is her friend Frankie Sue from school.  Lillian talks to Lallow and Sue Sue all the time.  When she's playing by herself in the pantry or the kitchen cabinet, in the bathtub or with her doll house.  Lallow and Sue Sue are always with her.  It's so sweet...
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