Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in Bearadise

My parents continued the tradition we began last year by renting us a cabin in the mountains for the holidays.  We just enjoyed the most relaxing 5 days in Estes Park!  And let me tell you, Mike and I really needed a little relaxation.  Our two babies, full time jobs and house transitioning have depleted us these last two months since I returned to work.  It was so great to get out of town and put the brakes on for a few days - our "batteries" needed recharging and there is nothing better than time with family in the mountains.  The first day we never got out of our pajamas (kids included!).
A few family pics on the stairwell.....

Uncle Tom and Lillian spent some time exchanging dance moves.  I'm pretty sure they each learned a thing or two...

Santa brought Lillian a Little People Farm to go with the Little People Dollhouse Mom and Dad gave her...

Getting ready to go sledding...
Lillian was happy to let us do most of the work.  Up the hill we go....
She caught on to the thrill right away, chanting "More" as soon as we reached the bottom of the hill.
We could not get her snowsuit off of her she loved it so much!
She played all evening in it...only removing it in time for dinner!
Jak got lots of good cuddle time this week.  He sure does like to snuggle up on your shoulder.
Uncle Ian made Lillian very happy sharing pictures of her cousins Holden & Everett.  We missed them!  We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning together before Kim and the kids took off to Pennsylvania.   Christmas morning we agreed to meet at the 9:30 AM mass.  Only we forgot to clarify which church we were going to meet at.  Mike and I assumed we were going to St. Anne's in Arvada near Ian and Kim's.  Mom, Dad, Ian and Kim assumed we were going to St. Dominic's where Mike and I got married.  Long story short...we learned a valuable lesson in quantity vs quality communication! 
Great picture of Opa holding Jak at Twin Owls restaurant.
Equally great picture of Gramma making Jak smile.
Since my parents flew back home to Indiana today, Lillian has asked for Opa multiple times.  I think she misses them already.  Good thing we'll see Gramma again in 2 weeks for Aunt Casey's baby shower!

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