Sunday, December 16, 2012

House For Sale

4465 Meade Street Denver CO 80211
Actually, I should say, house SOLD.  In 5 days.  We listed it on the MLS on 12/8 and had an offer on 12/12.  Then we got another offer.  Then they tried to outbid each other.  One of the potential buyers offered us ABOVE asking price.  Mike and I couldn't believe our luck.  We weighed our options and chose to sell to the 2nd buyer at full asking price, no closing costs and no concessions.

This house has been so good to me.  When the moving van pulls away at the end of January, my eyes will not be dry!  But I will leave it knowing it's going to bring good memories and joy to the next owner.  We met her this morning.  She's me - 8 years ago.  A single woman, 27 years old, who just relocated to Colorado a few years ago and is trying to convince her little sister to move out too!  She's delightful.  When she left Mike told her, "You don't know how happy you just made my wife.  She's so glad our house is going to continue to be loved."  I couldn't agree more.

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