Monday, July 2, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

     Summer is flying by!  The Colorado Kerschens are "grounded" from camping lately.  We've had historic amounts of wildfires, we have a statewide ban from campfires and going on 15-20 days of over 90 degrees (most days closer to 100).  Normally, Denver temps like that would send Mike & I running for the hills to cool off but, frankly who wants to camp when you can't have a campfire and can't enjoy blueskies because of all the cloud cover the wildfires are producing? 
     We can't blame the wildfires 100% though.....we haven't been camping because Mike is really busy with work lately and my belly is getting bigger by the minute!  It's hard to be motivated to do much of anything at 7 months pregnant in the summertime.  Lillian is keeping us busy as heck and helping us get out and enjoy summer in Denver. 
     We just completed a 4 week parent tot swim class at the Rec Center.  Our neighbors Katie & Jen signed up with their waterbabies too!  Lillian loves the water....but hates going under!  The swim coach Nancy, who I call the swim nazi, is determined to break Lillian of that fear.  She dunks the babies under the water and then hands them right back to us.  All the babies cry as soon as she comes near, but it must be doing some good, Lillian only cries for a couple minutes now! 

Lillian loves to climb up the stairs...she claps so hard for herself when she gets to the top!
Dad pursuing a summer career as a lifegaurd.  Thanks Aunt Cathy!  Lillian is LOVING her pool!

The pool is so much more fun with friends!  Zander loves balls as much as Lillian does!

Yes....that's Lillian in the box!  Drying off after swimming.

This Mommy-Baby photo isn't portraying the whole picture...Amy is holding her newest addition, Finley while Zander, her 16 month old is running around.  I am holding my 14 month old and carrying baby #2 in my belly still...but only for a few more weeks!

Lillian loves to chase her chickens...she doesn't give Daddy a break from it!

Watch out girls!

Still loving my bath towel from Aunt Candy & Uncle John!

Lillian is taking 3-5 steps comfortably - we got a stretch of 8 steps yesterday. 
But we still can't say she's officially walking! 

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