Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2nd Annual Father's Day Camping Trip

We spent Mike's 2nd Father's day camping with Lillian and we have Stu and Allison to thank again this year!  Last year, Lillian was only 6 weeks old and I was a very nervous new mom.  If we hadn't made plans to camp with Stu and Allison, I might have called the trip off.  But knowing we were meeting friends, I felt I couldn't back out!  I worried she'd be too cold, that she was too young, that I'd over pack (or more likely - knowing me I'd under pack and forget something important!).  But it worked out perfectly...and I'll never forget that 1st Father's Day weekend together in the camper. 

This Father's Day was just as memorable.  Stu and Allison got married this past April.  To celebrate, their good friend Lucy threw them a congratulations ranch-style wedding party and invited all us "city folk" to come to her ranch in Gardner, CO. 
We met Casey & Rob and a bunch of other friends down there.  We discovered that Lillian LOVES horses, which made her daddy so happy!  He's always telling her he's going to get her a pony when she grows up!  Now he may have to stick to his word.

Lillian attempting to dive out of Daddy's hands into the river!

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