Thursday, July 12, 2012

Christmas In July

BIG congratulations to my sister-in-law, Kim!  Her DIY craft blog called Too Much Time on my Hands has been recognized by Better Homes & Gardens magazine!  She says when they called her up a few weeks ago, she thought it was a prank.  Kim couldn't believe this big magazine found her little blog and ate it up.  But they did.  It's legit, they're sending a reporter and photographer to her house next weekend!  She will be featured in their November Christmas edition! 

With only a couple weeks notice, Kim began to panic!  She's even cleaning under her kitchen sink in preparation for their big visit!  One of the craft projects she's featuring are strands of garland made out of recycled shopping bags.  Kim had a craft night last night and invited us girls over for dinner, drinks and of course - slave labor!  We polished off those 12 foot garlands in no time!  I'm sure Kim has her work cut out for her still but at least we helped her check one thing off her list!  I'll blog about the magazine when it comes out this fall!
Haven't used a hot glue gun in years! 

Kim encouraging our creative sides!

Part of the finished product!

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