Monday, June 4, 2012

Big Advances Into "Toddler-hood"

Lillian's first steps are just around the corner! She's pulling up on anything and everything and attempting to stand up in the middle of the room with nothing to hold onto. She's quite comfortable walking around the furniture and easily lets go of one "prop" to reach for another. She lets go and stands on her own for a few seconds and she quite easily walks while holding onto just one of your hands. The timing couldn't be better if you ask me, it's getting harder and harder to carry both kids....I'm 26 weeks pregnant now and about to enter the 3rd trimester and the heat of the summer! Bring it on, Lillian, bring it on! 

 We haven't been able to go camping yet this summer, so we're doing the next best thing, hiking whenever possible!  I think my hikes are going to be short this summer, it wasn't easy hiking with this little guys in my belly!  I shouldn't complain, Mike had to carry Lillian's 22 pounds on his back (She was 21 pounds 8 ounces and 29.3 inches at her one year check up - which means she's gained 15 1/2 pounds and grown almost 11 inches this year!). 
She loved getting out in nature, but the backpack didn't allow her to explore as much as she liked so we took a break and let her stretch her legs. 

 We've also been picnicking and getting together on play dates with our friends whenever possible.
 Lillian still thinks "Big Girls" are the coolest, especially her cousin Holden!

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