Monday, April 9, 2012

Lillian at 11 Months

 Lillian is on the move!  She's crawling all over (really crawling more wounded soldier).   She pulls up on everything and the other morning, we went in to find her standing in her crib.  She's not quite ready to take any steps though.  She pulls up to stand at the coffee table or one of her standing play toys, but so far won't move her feet. 
Lillian has really been enjoying the Easter egg shakers I made her.  I filled some plastic eggs with rice and they have produced hours of fun.  Her absolute favorite thing right now is visiting the chickens.  Those chickens can turn the grumpiest Lillian into a smiling, happy baby in no time!  If Lillian starts to fuss about anything, Mike will say "Let's go visit your chickens".  Before they get out the back door, Lillian starts saying "bok, bok, bok, bok" and pointing to their coop.  It is so cute.

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