Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grandma Training Camp

This past weekend, Lillian was showered with the attention of 2 grandma's.  My mom and her very best girlfriend, Linda Smith came for a visit.  Linda has 4 boys and when we were growing up, Linda treated Casey & I like the daughters she never had.  Linda is eagerly awaiting grandkids of her own. (Keith, Brian, Trevor & Cody if you're reading this - I apologize for any additional "baby" pressure you're receiving after your mom's visit!)  So in the meantime she came to Denver to "train" with Holden, Everett and Lillian.
Lillian is finally big enough to play with her Denver Cousins.  She thinks she's "Big" like them!

Holden and Everett are so patient and gentle with Lillian, always sharing toys and trying to teach her things. 
Recently, Lillian has really gotten into stories, she points at the pictures and seems to follow right along.

Mike & I presented this "diploma" to Linda for her hours of service and free babysitting!  Mom and Linda were so great, letting Mike and I get out twice over the weekend (although if Lillian could talk, she'd tell me it wasn't such a sacrafice on their part!). 

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