Sunday, February 19, 2012

We have a due date!

We had a great doctors appointment on Friday and learned that our next baby is due September 11th.  Of course, I'm hoping he or she comes early (my dad and I share a birthday - September 7th) or late (September 17th was my Oma's birthday).  Either way the baby is healthy and active.  We get to go back to the doctor in just 2 weeks for our first trimester screening....that will be a little early for gender prediction - but trust me - if they let us know, we'll let you know! 
Lillian is a busy little girl these days.  She still won't officially crawl but she sure does get around!  She "army crawls" and rolls all over.  Her poor knees are chapped from dragging her legs behind her all the time.  She continues to be a great eater and especially likes anything she can pick up and feed herself.  I want to share two of my favorite Lillian stories, mostly so I can recall them years from now and smile! 
1.  Lillian loves to pull off her socks.  We cannot keep them on.  Shoes are even harder.  The other day I sent her to school in tights.  She was so frustrated that she couldn't pull them off that she rolled over to the little boy next to her and pulled his socks off!
2.  Lillian has discovered moms freckles.  She tries so hard to pick them up, especially the big ones on my shoulders.  So sweet.....
Lillian loves hanging out in the kitchen while mommy cooks dinner.  Notice the socks have been pulled off her feet!

Lillian opening belated Christmas gifts from Aunt Candy!  As usual, she loved the paper (but the clothes are super cute Candy - thank you!) 

One of my new shirts from Aunt Candy, and a hair clip mommy made me.  Yes, I know she doesn't have any hair but it's still fun to try!

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