Monday, February 6, 2012

Lillian's 1st Unscheduled Doctors Visit

We almost made it 9 months without a doctor visit other than "well baby check-ups".  Not bad considering Lillian's been exposed to god-knows-what in daycare for 6 months now.  I tell everyone, "she's a tough kid".  But even tough kids get sick every once in a while!  The poor girl wasn't acting like herself all weekend; she was fussy, didn't want to be put down, didn't want to eat, just wanted to be nursed, held, hugged and rocked to sleep.  She had a low grade fever (never above 100) and no other symptoms, so we thought she must be getting another tooth (she has 6 already!).  But daycare called this morning, less than an hour after Mike dropped her off, Lillian had a 100.7 degree temp and was really fussy.  So I took her to the doctor, he checked her out and she appears to be healthy except for a mild sore throat.  So, teething it is.  I'm glad I took the day off....she's been sleeping all afternoon!
Dad's not complaining, Lillian picked the best spot to nap during the Superbowl yesterday!

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