Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vail Brings Visitors

When Mike and I relocated, separately, to Colorado 13 years ago, we both felt a little anxiety about moving far away from friends and family.  But, boy did we underestimate the power Colorado has on people!  We are so lucky to get so many visitors.  John and Candy were just here: 

They came out for a ski trip with a couple of their friends Leslie & Steve.   Mike and I (and of course Lillian!!!) were able to break away and join them in the mountains for a couple of nights.  Coincidentally, Mike and John's "Cousin Phil" was out skiing Vail too! 

The "gang" skiied Beaver Creek Friday in 11 inches of fresh snow.  Mike described it as "epic".  They all felt a little bad that I didn't get to ski, but I got to spend the whole day with Lillian so I can't really complain!  Besides, I'm not allowed to ski since we got another positive one of these recently:

Yup, that's right, Lillian's going to be a big sister in about 7 months!  Mike and I feel it couldn't have happened soon enough, we are dangerously close to smothering Lillian in love!  Can you blame us?
Nothing like a new baby coming to help motivate Mike and I to get Lillian sleeping better!  About a month ago now, we decided she was old enough to sleep through the night without feeding.  When Lillian woke up at night Mike went in instead of me.  He rocked her for a couple of minutes and laid her back down. We thought for sure, Lillian couldn't make it through the night without a meal, we thought she'd scream her head off, we were so nervous and we were so WRONG!  We had a couple of crying episodes, a couple of nights in a row, and that's it.  It's been smooth sailing ever since! Lillian goes to bed around 7:00, I wake her at 10 to feed her and she sleeps till 6:30 AM.  It's awesome.  Thank god for the internet, we "google" everything!

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