Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mike and His Chicks

Mike is living in a hen house....literally!  Our recent posts have been very Lillian-obsessed (can you blame us, she's a whole lot of fun!).  But we've neglected to update you on our baby chicks.  They aren't so little anymore! 

Mike built the "girls" a fancy house (I'd like it to be noted that the chicks have a second story on their house and we don't!!)  We first moved the chicks out to the garage in the spring once he completed their house.  The nights were still cold so they slept with a heat lamp. 

Then shortly after Lily was born, Mike completed the coop and moved them to the backyard.  He takes special care of these chickens!   I now keep a can next to the sink for all my vegetable scraps, which Mike gives them for treats.  He vacuums out their house and replaces their bedding, anxiously awaiting our first egg!  The chicks are between 18 and 20 weeks old now and should start laying eggs around 24 weeks of age.  Mike lets the chicks out in the evening so they can "free range" in our backyard.  As the sun sets, these birds innately return to their coop and we lock the cage.  I thought for sure Mike was going to have to chase them around the yard to get them to return home! 
Here's a video of them exploring life outside their coop.

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  1. WOW! The fancy coup is amazing!! I didnt realize Mike was doing that. Any eggs yet??