Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kelli Comes to Town!

A good friend told me she was nervous when her best friend came to visit shortly after her daughter was born.  But in the end, she was so grateful that that friend helped her overcome her fears about getting out of the house with her newborn.  Kelli was equally supportive of my hesitations and I'm so grateful that she came for a three day visit!  We spent the whole weekend bouncing from one event to the next!
Saturday morning, Casey, Kelli, Lillian and I hiked Mount Glabraith in Golden (Lillian slept the whole hike in her backpack carrier!).   
Saturday afternoon we enjoyed Rock the Block, an outdoor music festival on Pearl Street in Denver with some friends (again Lillian snoozed).  Sunday morning we strolled the path along the Boulder Creek and shopped the Pearl Street Mall.  Lillian must have reached her max because she cried the WHOLE ride home from Boulder!

But she was happy again by Sunday afternoon.  And the rain stopped long enough for us to enjoy a picnic at City Park Jazz, our weekly Sunday evening summer ritual. 

Thanks for a great time Kelli (and for helping me get out of the house)! 

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  1. It was such a great visit! Awesome to see you guys and meet Lilly and spend some quality time :-) Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and friendship - Courtney and Mike (and Lilly). Love you all and will see you soon. XOXO