Sunday, April 9, 2017

Last Ski Trip of the Season

We left sunny, clear blue sky Denver only to arrive in a mini blizzard at Loveland!     Mike and I suggested we hang out in the lodge, have a snack, wait for the storm to pass... But Lillian wouldn't have it!  She said we didn't come up here to hang out in the lodge people!  We came here to ski!  And she was right.  The kiddie slopes were closed for the season, so the four of us headed up the big chair lift 1/2 way up the mountain.  The kids did great, but I've never been so scared in my life!  My fear of heights kicked in big time.  The lift didn't have a cross bar to lower, which if I was skiing alone wouldn't have bothered me, but with the kids riding next to me I panicked!  I actually had to talk myself through the panic and "meditate" it away.  Needless to say, Joseph and I only did two runs.  But Lillian continues to be a ski champ.  She loves it no matter what the weather is like!  We ended the day back home in the new hot tub.
Until next year!

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