Monday, October 10, 2016

A Quick Trip to the Midwest

Lillian has a few days off from school for parent teacher conferences, so we took a trip to Indiana to see Grammy and Opa.
Lillian's looking sharp in Mommy's glasses
 Visiting the nature center

 Colleen happened to be in Indiana on business at the same she brought Carolyn to play with us! Then, Uncle Severin joined us for the weekend.

 That's Joseph at the top of that REALLY tall tower!  When he climbed down he ran over to tell a 'big' kid what he had just done.  The 6/7 year old boy said, 'Big deal' and tried to climb up but got nervous.  So Joseph climbed back up to show him how.
 Brilliant Opa enlisted some car washing assistance. 

  Who doesn't love pictures of cute kids bathing?

 We visited the Downtown Indianapolis Library, which has a great children's library.  Grammy got to read several books to the kids, and she picked out a couple that Lillian was able to read to us!

 And of course, the walk around downtown was really fascinating!

 We visited a German beer festival, created some mural art work, watched wiener dog races, threw bean bags at HUGE Sauer kraut cans, made medieval swords and hats and fished for wooden fish on a hook.

 Finally, we wore them out!

And thanks to Grammy & Opa, we had a nice adult night out!

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