Saturday, September 3, 2016

Helping Daddy Work is Tough Business

Since Mike started working at CFC a couple of weeks ago, he's having to finish up some KA construction projects on the weekends.  Darn....he's working on a deck in Vail....guess we'll use it as an excuse to spend the weekends in beautiful Vail, Colorado for a while!
 The camper provides hours and hours of fun, but I did entice them to get out into nature for a while!
 They were so proud of themselves for hiking all the way to the big waterfall on Gore Creek.

 I brought them into town for an afternoon and I thought we'd NEVER get them out of the water fountains! 


So we spent our days exploring and playing all around the campground and our evenings relaxing by the fire with Daddy.  Not a bad life for us Colorado Kerschens.

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