Monday, September 19, 2016

A Worrisome Weekend!

Poor little Natalie came down with a mystery bug that had us all worried for about 24 hours.  Thank god Casey acted quickly and got her into the doctor right away, who sent them to Children's hospital right away.  Rob was out of town for work, and although he switched his flight, he wasn't going to be able to get to the hospital until 9:30/10 o'clock Friday night.  So I picked up Keira from daycare and brought her back to our house for the evening.  After dinner, Casey was still in the hospital awaiting test results, so Mike put all three kiddos to bed and I drove over to be with her and Natalie.  Poor Natalie had an IV in her head and had to have a spinal tap. She had a case of Salmonella - which we presume she picked up on their recent family vacation to North Carolina.  Salmonella was good news, it could have been much worse.  They caught it in time, and were able to give her IV antibiotics through the weekend, and she will not have any lasting issues. 
But the best news is, we got to keep Keira for the whole weekend.  It was an emotionally exhausting weekend for Rob, Casey & Natalie, but Keira, Lillian and Joseph had a blast.
I took all three kiddos to the Alzheimer's Memory Walk at City Park. We got a LOT of attention, free schwag, free food and treats, and face painting!

Keira was not interested in having her picture taken with the tooth fairy, but Lillian and Joseph were thrilled.

"Crazy Bronco Fans" - again Keira was not too sure about these people!

My three favorite Market-eers!

I love these kids!

After the walk, we popped in on Daddy At work.  Keira lives close to Uncle Mike's construction site and has been anxious to check it out.  Uncle Mike / Daddy gave us the full blown tour!

It was a super fun morning.

On Sunday, we crafted, played and had a few friends over to watch some afternoon football.  And finally it was time for sweet Natalie (and her parents) to come home from the hospital. 

We missed Keira but we were happy to have our "football" watching friends the Jacksons over again!

They're the cutest little cheerleaders I ever saw.

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