Thursday, July 7, 2016

Grammy & Opa Arrived!

Grammy and Opa are back in Colorado, anxiously awaiting Baby Nee Nee's arrival.  In the meantime, we are squeezing in a little fun.
 Grammy saved my Cabbage Patch Doll all these years.  Lillian thinks she's died and gone to heaven.  She immediately renamed "Kent", Isabelle because she'd rather have a baby girl.  Guess we'll be shopping for little girl baby clothes to help Kent look like more feminine!
 Everett had a baseball game close to my house so we all got to go watch him play.  Of course, these cousins had more fun horsing around than watching baseball.  Everett enjoyed the support either way!

 Lillian is having a fake conversation on her play phone.  She looks like a little woman in this picture that Jak snapped.  It cracks me up.
And there's a picture of me and my boy.  He is all smiles these days. 

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