Monday, August 10, 2015

Jak-Attack is 3!

If you ask Jak, he isn't 3 yet.  He's "two and a half!!!".  We cannot get him to say he's three years old.  Apparently, 2 1/2 has a better ring to it.  He thoroughly enjoyed a week long celebration of gifts, friends and cake...lots and lots of cake. 

 Jak loves his new remote control car, dinosaur bike helmet, Magnoforms, sandbox tools, wheelbarrow, piggy bank (shaped like the Home Depot - "more doing...more saving!") and Octopus kite. 
 On Saturday, Jak and Lillian got to come to mommy's work for a few hours.  Jak amazes me, he seems unable to sit still at home but follows my exercise class very well and proved himself very helpful.  The ladies loved their young escort!
 When I got home from work, Jak came out to greet me, and discovered something even better.  He found and caught his first live frog.  He let him go (unlike my brothers who kept and "caged" every insect, reptile and critter they caught!).  Mike and I are afraid the little guy might have suffered a broken leg during all the handling, he didn't hop straight after Jak released him.

Jak's big party was yesterday and the weather and the crowd didn't disappoint!  Almost everyone we invited came!

Erica was right, the Sam's Club cupcakes were a hit!  Happy Birthday Little Buddy. 

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