Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Girl's Trip!

20 years ago, Grammy and Opa Hanou drove me an hour and 15 minutes north of our house to the University of Delaware to my freshman dorm, Kent Hall.  My room mate Jen and my hall mates, Erica, Marisa and Megan continue to be some of the best friends I've ever known!  Although I have moved some 2000 miles away - the girls and I were able to pick back up as if no time had passed.  Even our children loved each other!  I'm so grateful for their friendship and the wonderful weekend we enjoyed together! (And my mega-awesome husband who encouraged me and Lillian to go!).

 First ride on the Washington DC Metro....does every kid immediately swing on the bars? I know Severin, Ian, Casey and I always did!

 First glimpse of the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.
 Helping cousin Carolyn safely cross the parking lot to Outback Steakhouse.
Getting ready for a long car ride to the beach.
 Lunch in Delaware with Melanie and Thomas.
 First glimpse of the beach (this trip).  She walked the boardwalk like she comes here everyday.
 Posing with mommy.
 The waves knocked her around pretty hard, so Lillian felt more comfortable in her floaties.  The goggles didn't do her much good though, the water isn't clear enough.  It's been a long time since I swam in the ocean, but when you have a four year old - you don't have much choice! 
 Lillian spent 2 days straight - nurturing and loving Erica and Marisa's baby boys.  Donovan is to her left, and Charlie is to the right. 
 Such good babies! 

Maddie, Thomas, Melanie, Lillian, Charlie and Donovan.


 Breakfast at the Starboard.
 A dip in Jen's pool!
 First visit to the Boardwalk carnival rides.  Jen handed out what seemed to be an abundance of ride tickets to Megan and I - Lillian was like a kid on speed.  Her head was literally spinning around and around as she screamed out which ride she wanted to go on next!
 Kendall and Melanie took Lillian under their "wing" and helped her feel comfortable on the first few rides.  As you can see she loved the attention!

 So proud to be tall enough to ride almost everything!
This one sent a look of panic across her face the first time it dropped!
 Marisa and Erica wanted to ride the kiddie train with the babies, so of course the big kids had to partake as well.
 I especially love these two pictures!

 Lillian and Maddie finally discovered each other on the carnival rides.  They held hands on the rides and as they ran from one ride to the next.

 Thomas nicknamed Donovan "Donut" early in the weekend.  Ironically, the kids won stuffed donuts at the fishing pond.  I think the nickname may stick!
 Not a bad picture considering the kids took it!
 And finally, some adult time.  "Miss Barb" came over to watch all 7 of our kids (actually we have 10 kids between the 5 of us - but Megan left her boys at home with Eric and of course, Jak stayed back in Colorado with Daddy.)  4 of the kids were asleep before we went out; ocean time, pool time, and carnival games take a lot out of ya!

 After a delicious dinner out, we hit the Starboard one more time for a little live music and dancing. 
 Monday morning, Lillian and I took advantage of visiting the beach one last time while Melanie and Thomas attended "Life Guard Training Camp".  I never knew there was such a thing! 
 Then Lillian and I rented a car and she slept the whole ride from Rehobeth Beach to Uncle Severin and Aunt Colleens.  The beach wore her out!

This "girls" trip was all about visiting the Delaware girls - seeing Severin, Colleen and Carolyn was a bonus.  And spending a quick evening with Amanda and Kelli was the icing on the cake!  Lillian and I made a quick trip out to Clarksburg to see Amanda and Jay's new house under construction.  It's only a month away from them being able to move in!  And we briefly got to play with 17 month old Andrew.  Then we met back at Severin's house to catch up.  Uncle Severin kept the little girls entertained while the big girls yakked away.

Lillian's final ride on the Metro was a little more subdued than the first.  I'm hoping that the memories we made on this vacation will last....she sure had a great time.

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